October 30, 2011

Devil Inside

I did some photoshoots more than a year ago. These pictures were taken by my close friend named "dichi". From the previous posts, I've introduced her to all of you, rite? Yupppp, we're a neighbor, her house wasn't far from my house mmmmmm maybe is about 20meters hehehehhhh. I knew her since we were in kindergarten. She has a passion in photography, and she proved it by winning several competitions when she was in high school. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you know what, she won the competitions. Only with a pocket camera, she managed to defeat his rival. She took home the prize with joy.

Oh yes, she's an amateur chef too. She used her spare time to try a variety of recipes from the internet. i've tried her homemade pizza, and the taste was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery delicious. I'm soooooooooooo proud of her :D :D :D....... By the way, you can find her at here (her facebook account)... What are you waittin for, let's get in touch with her :p

We have promised the shooting will start at 8am. But because we were late getting up early, ultimately shooting begins at 9am hahahahh :D. There's a football field with a good view near my house. Sunlight in the morning also supports shooting that time. Mmmmm i wore a simple outfit, but the result wasn't so simple like that, rite? hahahahha :D... So here we go...........

PS: edited by me

just do what you love
dont let anybody push you down...

do not ever look back, facing the problem with caution...

i knew...

there is...

hobby changed everything
reach for the impossible
being what you want from your own business...

catch up, light up
find and search what you want
if you can reach the low it could be height, why not?

from zero to hero
dedicated for my Bumi Yurazly

change significantly
transform myself from a labile to be someone better than before
if you do not know what to do on yourself, try to transform themselves into a meaningful individual...


ahahahah i'm a hello kitty :p

crispy rings nyummm

basic tee-itc, skirt-pasar senen, necklace-diy, tight+shoes-blok m plaza
don't throw away your belel shirt (hahah bahasa apa coba)
just cut it out, and and and let you hands doit lots of magics on it heheh

up and down

my lovely niece came along with me and she force me to took her picts hahahah. She's Shafaa Ramadhani Putri Aryanto.. but i call her ayay or agayagay :D :D

yayyyyyyyyyyy she's the girl behind the lense... i love dichi :D :D
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