October 26, 2011

Very First


I'm too excited to write this hihihihi.. yeah finally i have a blog! eventhou through my website because i'm too confuse to use blogspot before :p.. big thx to my lovely friends ikiiit from the eleventh elf, who's made this blog. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaa this is the first time i'll write about who i am and about my daily activities. Mmmm actually i don't even know where do i start....

i can't stop munching but my body's still super thin
maybe tons of dragon in it  -_____-

as you can see on the left side, i've almost 160pcs.. and i still need more hahah :D

i love making accessories

i'm a hell-o kitty freak (look at my rings! hahahh)

That's all i can say about me, gute nacht people <3
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