December 31, 2011

The Kube2

Apa sih yang diharapkan dari seorang pecinta musik yang into fashion seperti gue? Yap, MP3 player yang unik, fashionable dan imut kaya marmut :3 hahahahhh...
Itu semua gue temukan di TheKube MP3 player. TheKube sekarang udah meluncurkan versi yang keduanya, lho! Namanya TheKube2.. Mari kita review.. Here we go!

MP3 player ini berbentuk seperti dadu (hmm jadi teringat main monopoli) dan cara pengoperasiannya adalah TOUCHSCREEN. Wow kece banget kan ya doooong. Ternyata bukan handphone aja yang bisa touchscreen. Mp3 player pun bisa.! Ketika kita membeli sebuah ‘dadu’ itu,kita akan mendapatkan memory card, headphone yang bentuknya seperti kwetiau (hmm bikin lapar terus), kabel USB untuk charge baterai, bantalan earphone, manual guide yang menggunakan bahasa Indonesia dan kartu garansinya, plus sticker skin. Jadi si dadu ini bisa diselimutin lho pake stiker-stiker lucu.. Kalau yang narsis-narsis, pake foto diri sendiri aja. eeehehehehheh :3 :3 :3

Kelebihan dari TheKube ini desainnya yang bener-bener unik dan menggemaskan, dan kualitas suaranya yang mantap.
Kalau ada kelebihan, pasti ada kekurangan dong. Kekurangannya adalah kita ga bisa melihat lagu yang kita putar. Semacam randomization gitu.. Trus memory cardnya susah banget dikeluarin huhuhu.. Udah gitu kenapa ga langsung aja ya kalau mindahin lagu. Jadinya banyak banget peralatannya bikin pusing dan ribet. nih liat nihhhhhh. yakaaaan o__________O

at least si imut ini nilainya 7.5/10 ;)

Mmmmm tapi I recommend you to buy this Mp3 player as a gift because too cuuuuuute. wohoooo :D

Imagesource: Facebook Tke Kube (The Kube Indonesia)
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December 14, 2011

New Web Lab

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Webcam Software

Ultra Pretty Picture Server Pack

See it, shoot it, share it - capture important snippets of life now in high-definition clarity with the latest Camera HQ MPEG video. With this new software capturing image at its best would be done easily and with high definition quality. This software can be easily use, with efficient captures and all images taken would become as high quality as those from SLR’s. Never in your life would you have used this kind of software until this was introduced in the market. I could never imagine how could capture images at its best anytime I want with the use of this software So what are you waiting for, download this software and you will experience the beauty at its best only by the use of the LATEST CAMERA HQ MPEG VIDEO. Enjoy folks. . .
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December 11, 2011

Restart and Refresh

Back in March 2011 at Anyer...

Hell-o Sunday Morning

My doll --- ruca <3
my cute niece, rili
my cute nephew, ibang.
my lovely cousin <3
she's a psychologist

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Pink On Top

When i dye my hair in pink! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA :D :D :D..... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

gifted necklace from my love Bumi Yurazly...
it's Antyk Butyk  -- i loooooveeee it ALOT! :D

when i attended the bazaar at Pondok Labu with my college friends (en'belle's owner)

knit outwear-kak heidi kalalo's booth at blogger yard sale, basic tee-itc
trouser-mango, random accessories, d-i-y studded wedges

left-right: madil - me - mpo - obel
(hahahha weird nickname, huh?)
erdila - me - gia - siska

that girl, the pink one.. lia a.k.a bebeh hahah
when i watched a horor movie at G.I

gifted army outwear from my big sist'  , basic tee- itc bsd, necklace-antyk butyk
army skirt - pasar senen, unbranded socks, black ankle wedges-Online Shop (only $10 :D)

muahahahhahahahahaha wadayatinggggg ,gals?

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