December 11, 2011

Pink On Top

When i dye my hair in pink! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA :D :D :D..... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

gifted necklace from my love Bumi Yurazly...
it's Antyk Butyk  -- i loooooveeee it ALOT! :D

when i attended the bazaar at Pondok Labu with my college friends (en'belle's owner)

knit outwear-kak heidi kalalo's booth at blogger yard sale, basic tee-itc
trouser-mango, random accessories, d-i-y studded wedges

left-right: madil - me - mpo - obel
(hahahha weird nickname, huh?)
erdila - me - gia - siska

that girl, the pink one.. lia a.k.a bebeh hahah
when i watched a horor movie at G.I

gifted army outwear from my big sist'  , basic tee- itc bsd, necklace-antyk butyk
army skirt - pasar senen, unbranded socks, black ankle wedges-Online Shop (only $10 :D)

muahahahhahahahahaha wadayatinggggg ,gals?

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