January 02, 2012

Cut and Shocked

I already cut my hair fiuuuuuhhhhh finally... feeling super fresh coz i'm little a bit tired with my previous heavy hair -_____- ...and these photos when giving a surprise for my friend's birthday. Obel  \('O'\) (/'.')/ \('O'\) yipiiiiiieee...

she was shocked! hahahahahh success :D


and then we took some pictures near obel's home... beautiful view rite??? look alike puncak. hheheheh

my d-i-y lego necklace. is it cool? :D :D

gifted basic tee, outwear-Rumah Mode Bandung
d-i-y lego necklace, deer skirt-pasar senen

obel a.k.a sisca

with her bf

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally we went to puncak 

what a loooooooooooooong day..but yappp sooo much fun :D 

this is what i got at puncak.
INDIANA only $1
hahahahahhh how lucky i am
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