January 02, 2012

Sour and Storm

when attended a movie's premiere 'Badai Di ujung Negeri' by Cita Cinta Magazine and Aneka Yess Magazine with ulan at Pondok Indah Mall 1 :)

i wore flatshoes, and ulan wore pump
Soooooooo i look shorter than her  -____-

Used ulan's sour sally voucher... nyummm nyummm :9

look alike Super..sUper..suPer..supEr..supeR..SUPER short! sigh!
gifted necklace+skirt+belt, basic tee-ITC, open to toe socks - Ramayana, loafer - Yongki Komaladi

COA - Onlyi with ripped all over...btw this is super duper kewl cardigan i EVER had,

you can get it at here or here...you guys will die with their product XD XD
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