January 02, 2012

Relaxing 96hours

My friend named Gladiola asked me "would you like to come at Vitalyty's hair studio? They will coloring your hair and you will get free treatment too" OMG say whaaaaaaaaaaaat... of course i said "YES I WAAAAAANT" veeeery quickly.. Sooo Vitalyty's is the hair studio not salon. Actually Vitalytys is private, you have to make reservation first. They dealing with artists such as Mulan Jameela, The Virgin etc. For hair coloring start at Rp 400.000...Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppp i got it FREE :D :D
Soooooooo here we go... 

the next day i go back for the second times to make it more darker... hoammmmm


me likey this one :D
Finally wohoooooooooo

mba fera was handling


she got curly :D
my d-i-y necklace, top + rose belt + corduroy pants - Pasar Senen, gifted bag,
if you want to order the necklace -----> click click at !ncreamnia

the third times i came here.

(clockwise) my 'everyday rings' , wedges-Pamulang Square
my d-i-y necklace, emerald ring - !ncreamnia +  i <3 art - Pasar Ciputat

Mr. Christopher the hairstylist was handling bebeh's hair

looks alike rihanna??? Yes?? No?? Ummmm :O
lacey outwear - Pasar Senen, gifted sleeveless+skirt+bag
d-i-y necklace, wedges -  Pamulang Square  
and the fourth times... tried new hair mask yeyyyyyyy

leopard cape-Pasar senen, basic tank, gifted skirt
Flatshoes-debenhams, vintage bag, !ncreamnia rings

the results were good....
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you Vitalyty's, thank you mba Fera, thank you Mr. Chris
Thank you thank you thank you...
and ohhhhh i just realized that i was wearing the same bag here in the different times hahahahha o_O....btw super sowyyy for the looong looong post XD XD
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