February 02, 2012

Another Luck

Hoammmmmmmmmmmm too bad i didn't win the bethanny putri's giveaway. BUT i just won another quiz from twitter. On january 31 i won the @cleanandclearID quiz that held on january 27. The quiz's rules is we must send photo to them via twitter. Photo with accessories collection that we had. So these are my photos...
my eyeglasses. not too much :")
my belt. not too much. but most of them, i got it from thrift store
with such a guhhhreat deal hahaha only 0,5 $ :D

my bangles, bracelets and cuff. again and again most of them are my D-I-Y
Look at my hands :D

Look at my hands and my head...my fave D-I-Y

left to the right
leggings, tights,socks - earrings - bags
Necklaces and the rack. tons of them were handmade by me too :D :D
my dad bought me a cabinet that had a shoe rack on the leftside.
he said to me the rack can be worn for necklace rack,
he bought it because he was super dizzy about my unorganized necklace.
ahahahah so sweet :p :p
almost 200pcs \(´▽`)/ \(´▽`)/ \(´▽`)/

So sorry for the bad quality :/ huhuhuhu. But yaiyyyyyy i'm the winner. i won Voucher MAP worth 250k :D :D...

and this another quiz from @antykbutyk.  Antyk Butyk had tons of great necklace collection.  The quiz's rules is we must "describe what love means to you" aaaaaand i won the arjuna necklace which is one of their latest collection. Wohoooo...
and this is the arjuna necklace... the necklace with Indonesia theme. 

How lucky i am :P :P :P ...thanks a bunch @cleanandclearID and @antykbutyk you guys really made my day. So now, i'm sitting here at my terrace for waiting your giveaway :""""))
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