April 25, 2012

Let's Meet "LOLO"

Eh heeeeeeeelllllllooooooooooo... i found this cute toy while shopping at the supermarket with my mother. I called it "LOLO" hihihi. It contains iron which is elastic, so i can change its shape. Well, i wore it as bangle. Hahah!


SUPER CUTE RIIIIIITEEEEE?????? :D:D and i wear LOLO when I go to college, also introduced him to my colleagues :3

in front of my house
shirt-number 61, midi skirt-pasar senen, sister's belt + bag
d-i-y cotton necklace, grandma's shoes, lacey socks-ramayana
while waiting to meet up with another friends
add lot of pin to my bag :"3

LOLO say bye bye to all of you :* :*
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