July 30, 2012

Bandung Raya

Actually it was Eid in 2011 at Bandung. Me with my super big family stayed about 5 days at Grand Seriti Bandung. During the day, while the others were enjoying their 'sleeptime' ,i'm stuck -______- geezzzzzz only a camera in my hands, so i let you see me in my spare time. 

ahahahahha these!!!! my silly time, ignore my super duper stupid faces pleaaaaase ;p

stripes dress-Ragunan, cardigan-OnlyI, hat-daddy's
leg warmer-Ramayana, shoes-Yongki Komaladi, random bracelet

The weather in Bandung just so cold, umm not too cold, but the wind wuuuuuuwwww that's why i love to wore my leg warmer to keep my feet warm :3 ,and this stripes dress is easy to wear when you go for vacation, trip or sumthin like that. Bring your fave print! Nahhhh and don't forget to bring your coolest outwear / cardigan for coolest look XD

my fave cartoon HELLO KITTY.. aaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk :O

don't you love my burger ring? Big bite, yes? :D

Then ate my fave soup, asparagus soup. How much i love their spoon when i saw it hahahhaha i got the 'y' initials. If you know what i mean, my "BumiYurazly" initial heheh ;p
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