July 29, 2012

Impromptu Picnic

Picnic Time ...!!!!
Photoshoot with my beloved friends ikit from  theelevenelf.blogspot.com in 2011
We used a tripod, begins at 12 p.m and located near Ikit's house. It means SUPER DUPER HOT !!! -___- *holycrap .Btw, i don't really like to take shoots at a great place or maybe wonderful place yaaaa you named it. I like to take some picts at very simple place, but you'll be amazeeeeee with the result. i hope so....
Take a deep breath guys, scrooooolllll down. More than 70 photos hihihihihihi XD XD ....enjoy it, hope you all like it XD 

!ncreamnia X the elevent elf

Suddenly in 17, we wish.....

someone just stole my back





salmon cardigan as cape+stripes dress-rumah mode, vest-gifted, sunglassesunbranded
random bangles+rings, plastic chain necklace-pasar ciputat, transparent shoes-pasar pondok labu



those photos ummmm, quite stole my time. need lot of time to made it. but am i did a great job? XD XD see ya

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