August 07, 2012

D-I-Y Thingy 1: Cork Necklace

Have you ever seen my right sidebar? As I'm a fashion tips volunteer for GoGirl! Magazine website. I made a few fashion tips and d-i-y thingy. If you never seen the right sidebar, here i give you the d-i-y thingy one by one, post per post. But so sorry, most of them used Indonesian language because it's Indonesian magazine, but I'm sure you guys will understand even just looking at the title and the pictures.

Pretty Simple ;)

This one just the simple ones. I usually make a splashy, unique, edgy, odd, and weird necklace heheheh. If you want to make accessories, please break those rules, break the leg XD. You guys must think creatively and out of the box. I am a woman who's never satisfied,  I demand myself to always learn anything that I don't know before. Gimme your link if you made a d-i-y necklace or sumthin. Feel free to show it to me, my pleasure to see them.

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