September 16, 2012

Online Shopping is The Best Medicine

Hah!!! i had a bad dream last night :"( 
It changed my mood soooooooooo badly, but i don't even remember the detail in my dream. Geez! i need somethin to charges my mood. Eat??? No, i don't want too. Draw somethin? Nooooooo. Umm, what else....thinking...thinking...over thinking...
i woke up, take my meals then open up my browser...
and so you know what's inside a woman's mind hahaha let's do shopping online :""""") .I do love it because it's safe and easy. No need to go out, no need to meet the traffic jam. All we have to do just stay home, let's browsing to freshen up our eyes with those cute stuff hihihih.
What's your favorite website that have anything you want? Umm, i prefer this one!

Express the solution for your online shopping. Being known as not only a deal agregator, in which their collects every offers and deals that appeared in Indonesia's daily deals websites - They also known as the first Online Shopping portals in Indonesia.

Wooottt wooottt...such a pretty and awesome idea if you guys want to do online shopping i bet you to look this.....XD XD

Moreover, as a part of its commitment in bringing up fresh infos around online fashion, sales, new shops and the most trendy clothes, they also owns its very own blog, in which every online shop customer can read articles about reviews on various fashion products and brand, tips and trick on mixing-n-matching different fashion items, latest updates on sales around the city, and of course many other articles that would be very useful and relevant to the needs of an online shopper. 

Wow!!!! See, it's pretty many brand that you can choose to shop ;)
Which one that i click. hemmm...well, i go here by the way.

Not just thinking about clothes, bags, shoes...we also must thinking about our face. Let's make up our mind and make up our face hehehe... They had this blog article that talked about make up. They just really know what's that we need right???
follow the trend from them ;)

so know, yiiihaaaa!!!!
bye bye bad mood cause online shopping is the best medicine

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Brownies Eat Cream Cheese

outwear-pasar senen, tee-number 61, gifted pants+bag
necklace-plaza semanggi, random rings, belt-la bonli, shoes-piggyback bandung

Still back in October 2011.
Seeing this outit and these photos remind me a yummy brownies with cream cheese! ahahahah! The garage, shoes, and my hair all about pants and the wall all about cream, cream cheese. Ohhh, i can't hold on -____- I think i'm gonna buy and eat brownies now.
"Mom, can i have a slice of brownies?"
"We don't have it"
"But i want it, mom"
"So you go for it!"
"I haven't taken a shower yet, mom"
"and so, like i said. we don't have it"
and i randomly walk up to my fridge, open it and get my milkshake to cheer up myself.

Look at my outwear, it's pretty and truly vintage. I love the prints :"3  don't you all love it too? ;) i bought it at Pasar Senen for only IDR 1000. HUAHAHAHAHAHHA i'm such a good shopper. 

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September 15, 2012

Night Braces

After class, accompanied my friends KaRanti to wear braces.

gifted tee+skirt+bag, lacey outwear-pasar senen,belt-la bonli, d-i-y rope necklace,
random rings, silk scarves-flohmak bsd, lacey socks-ramayana, shoes-adorable project
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Warm Foot

Waiting my class in october :/

cardigan - bossini, tee-number 61, d-i-y necklace belt-plaza semanggi,
skirt-pasar senen, leg warmer+bag-ramayana, shoes-yongki komaladi, random rings

btw, i bought this assymetric cardigan with super great discount. First i saw it at Centro Plaza Semanggi in 2010, too bad the price above IDR 500.000. A year later i had me time at Centro, looking around and theeeeeen guest what this cardigan still hang up only 2 pieces with great discount. I came home with my lovely cardigan that i want so bad from a year ago hahahahha! it's only IDR 125.000 i'm so lucky <3 <3

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September 12, 2012

Start UP

My friend Ikit from who make this blog on October 10, 2011 so I can pour my daily activities. When i'm heading her home...

blog's sketch
i made this for her :"D

That's pom pom necklace super duper easy to make, you guys should have it too. Just browse via "uncle" google how to make the pom pom from yarn <3

shirt-itc, d-i-y necklace, parachute bag-ramayana
belt-plaza semanggi, jeans-roxy
Thanks doll :""")
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