September 16, 2012

Brownies Eat Cream Cheese

outwear-pasar senen, tee-number 61, gifted pants+bag
necklace-plaza semanggi, random rings, belt-la bonli, shoes-piggyback bandung

Still back in October 2011.
Seeing this outit and these photos remind me a yummy brownies with cream cheese! ahahahah! The garage, shoes, and my hair all about pants and the wall all about cream, cream cheese. Ohhh, i can't hold on -____- I think i'm gonna buy and eat brownies now.
"Mom, can i have a slice of brownies?"
"We don't have it"
"But i want it, mom"
"So you go for it!"
"I haven't taken a shower yet, mom"
"and so, like i said. we don't have it"
and i randomly walk up to my fridge, open it and get my milkshake to cheer up myself.

Look at my outwear, it's pretty and truly vintage. I love the prints :"3  don't you all love it too? ;) i bought it at Pasar Senen for only IDR 1000. HUAHAHAHAHAHHA i'm such a good shopper. 

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