October 01, 2012

My D-I-Y Comes True

Hello long time no see hehehe muaaaaahhh :D

Have you ever heard about !ncreamnia? Yessssss, it was my lil brand since 2010. From this i got mooooooore customers... So, yeaaaah of course gotta lot of new friends from here XD XD XD...

Well, well, well...
!ncreamnia already on the way with new and fresh design from my handygluuuuuue :D :D :D
This first edition with new design will out and ready to wear for your head to toe :)
Oh guys and gals common support me and gimme spirit ...!!! ahahahahha :D

By the way these were my previous collection. Kindly check these link if you don't mind :)

(Limited edition rings)

(Always restock rings)

(Necklace, clothes, etc)

(Sold Out Item)

(sum of people who wore)

Okay, now let's follow !ncreamnia twitter 
To those my lovely previous and new customers kindly just sit and keep watchin our update on ;)

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