December 06, 2012

Come and See

She's Putri Afiandini Rafli. Well, i totally forgot when and where i knew her hahahhaha. What i remember, i knew her from social media from long long looooong time ago. I looooooove her personality, maybe that's why we still being friend rite now. I mean, we still communicating no matter what. I bet all of you having .... umm what should i called ... virtual friends? ah you named it. For the first time when you know someone (only) from social media, of course (s)he's nice, but you don't even know what will happen tomorrow  rite? (S)he can be such a bad person. Yeah it's like cybercrime.


BUT, Putri. She has a great personality. Humble, super nice, super on time too XD, independent,friendly, adaptable, action-oriented, quietly forceful, logical, smart, fun-loving,  aaaaand everytime i talk with her, she always laughs at me. She said that i'm too funny. *Meeeehhhh --" hahahah

these photos below, when the first time she came to my home.
Wait!!! you'll see lol photos X'D

my fave shots

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