Room Decorate 2

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Come on take a look more inside my bedroom ;)
After the door, let's to the left. There's a space so i put my traffic cone here. i painted the wall with vine leaves. Hang up a vinyl's cover and  handcrafted native Indian face...

Through the space i put my desk. Hahahahhaha i knew it's quite mess :D

Some of my hello kitty stationery collection... 

Here's my bed next a desk... a place where my dolls asleep X'D

I'm pretty sure to hang up that hello kitty's head in front of my bed. Everytime i waking up from a dream no matter a bad or a good dream, so i can watch my lovely hello kitty :3 ...Actually that's a mat. But i couldn't imagine how dare myself to set my feet on the mat. That's hello kitty head to cute to be a mat :"( 

Hopefully my messy bedroom would be your bedroom inspiration! xixixixixi XD

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  1. yg gue perhatiin dan tebak-tebak dari tadi itu dipiring apaan ya ka ? tahu gejrot ? haha

    1. hahhahahahahahahha Nonni Shetya *jitak ,bukaaaan aku juga lupaak itu apa :////

  2. Replies
    1. hihihihi thanks Muhammad Azeem

      btw i loove your free download wallpaper.
      i love this one XD

  3. Blognya imut banget :)

    Salam kenal...Kalau berkenan mau ngundang untuk ikutan gabung dengan teman-teman lain yang sudah SUBMIT URL BLOG-nya ke Direktori Weblog Indonesia :)