June 10, 2014

Blogger Gathering || TRESemmé Style Seeker Hunt #RoadToNewYork #MBFW

Gathering with my blogger fellas and TRESemmé Hair Products in our hands...

From left:
Rosalinda Tjioe from Nine In The Afternoon, Julian Tanoto from Journal J, Catherine Soepadhi from A Bowl of Cath Soep, Vina Bahri from 13Project and the last Amelia Bunjamin from Amelia Apparel

Anyway if you liking my picture on my instagram about TRESemmé Style Seeker Hunt #RoadToNewYork #MBFW x Gogirl! Magazine, you'll help me to win a trip to New York and watch Mercedes Benz Fashion Week live at NYC. Yayyyy! :D


Mau nonton langsung New York Fashion Week? Join TRESemmé Style Seeker Hunt Road To New York now!  Click: http://bit.ly/1qySpoc
#RoadToNewYork #MBFW

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