June 27, 2014

Make Over || TRESemmé Style Seeker Hunt #RoadToNewYork #MBFW

I choose my office friend, Echa. Her personal style just pair a cute top with jeans or vice versa. She never dare to herself for being different like change her 'outfit zone' to be bold with her make up or even posing weird angle hehehe.... In this make over time, i combining like what Tadashi Shoji said about "Sweet Liberation"...i let Echa feel free to posing like never before and i let styling her like never before too.



Simple make up focusing in every line like eyebrow, eyeliner, and lips. I don't even need eyeshadow :)...For the outfit i choose bold print for her top, pair with mesh outwear, and low ponytail for her hair. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth help me to complete styling her hair.

"don't smiling everytime we shoot you, Echa." i said. Because i want her totally looks cool :)

The most important tools for this photoshoot ;)

Photographer: Irvan Bormeda
Video: Gladyssia Kinssy
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