August 17, 2014

Let Me Take A Selfie

What's inside my Lenovo pink? These photos below are the latest... Actually i'm not 'a gadget person' but having this Lenovo S850 complete my look and my style. So many people told me that i'm stylish person. Ummmm but i'd like too call my self as i'm a personal style blogger. Even you saw soooooooo many photos in blog i wore unique outfit, i still feeling i miss something in my outfit until i found this gadget. 

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August 15, 2014

Style, Snap, Share

Still in black touch in my outfit and added gold colors (shoes and accessories) so people will lookin at my Lenovo to make it hype! ;)

Outer-PICNIC, Shirt-Lunart (endorse), Skirt-gifted
Necklace-KLAR, Necklace-Montiena Shop (endorse), Shoes-Adorable Project

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Lenovo Stay In Style

All eyes on you oh my dear Lenovo S850 #LenovoInStyle #LenovoS850 #StyleSnapShare

Stripes Top-PICNIC, Helter Neck-Nikicio, Skirt-Gifted, Mesh Shirt-Mangdu
Shoes-Adorable Project, Bag-Calleis Shop (endorse), Necklace - KLAR, Ring-Heloveedee (endorse)

Stay in touch with Lenovo here:

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August 13, 2014

My Personal Favorite from Lenovo S850

Not just because me likey the pink color, but also the design and inside the phone.
Lenovo S850 with beautiful all-glass exterior, 13MP rear camera with flash & 5MP front camera (hihihi that's why those photos from my latest post were so clear) and people always asking about "how about the processor? standart? or too slow?" of course NO NO, Lenovo S850 with Android 4.4 a.k.a Jelly Bean system and equipped it with 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor. Wohooo~~~

The dimensions is suuuuuuuper slim 8.2 mm and the weight is only 140 g... easy too carry ;)
with display 5 inches (not too big and not too small, just the right size), resolution 1280x720 pixels

not only find the phone when you open the box but THIS multifunction hardcase!
AAAAHHHHH super super super likey!!! as i mentioned to you before that Lenovo answer your questions for ages right? :P

So what's the smart fitur?

SHAREit; an intern-phone transmission tool that has zero network traffic, works even without internet and 40x faster than Blouetooth, and supports all file formats.

SECUREit; protect your phone with Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-theft and it can Speed-up your phone

SYNCit, lets you sync the good times. Back up & restore contacts, Back up & restore even manage cloud SMS, Back up & restore call logs.

When you already install new application, you'll see the "NEW" tag...

and i love the stand by screen when you charge your phone. If you phone already charged, that green bar will full...

Lenovo feature setting really really teach you how to maximize you phone... 

#StyleSnapShare #LenovoInStyle

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Pre-launch Lenovo S850

Talking about fashion and style are never ending topic. Everything that related with it is way too excited to talk. Some people know fashion items only from head to toe... ummm you might be wrong. If you take a look in detail, lot of people too accessorizing their gadget. That's so many shop out there who sell silicon/fancy things to maximize your gadget.

As time goes by people will tired if they're always keep searching and searching and buying accessories things over and over again only just to make their gadget looks cool and fancy XD

but not with Lenovo!

This brand makes you stop searching other items because Lenovo will launch their new Phone that ANSWER all your questions ;)



i got a chance to attend Pre-Launch Lenovo S850 and also Fashion Stylist Workshop with Gogirl at YEYO Lobby & Eatery. Yup S850 is the new collection available with 3 colors; pink, white and dark blue. I'm soooooo in love with that pink colors. I believe it can maximize my personal style. 

Here's the fun event with my fashiong bloggah fellas xD

this image from Lulut's tumblr

Maybe you guys wondering why i dont use any filter??? Because i let you know that the front camera is YES YES YES SOOOOOO DARN GOOD!!! i only added a lil bit contrast but sure the result of the front camera way too smooth...

can you see that pink one? HAHAHAHAH it's mine its mine. Lenovo S850 with beautiful all-glass exterior (easy to clean it)... Wondering with another description about this LENOVO S850? Wait my next post to find another AMAZING smart fitur that you'll love... #StyleSnapShare #LenovoInStyle

Stay in touch with Lenovo here:

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