March 11, 2017


Went to D'cakes by Dewi with one of my closest friend Inahose (yep! her real name is Indah)... my "4L friend" (a.k.a lo lagi lo lagi) because we both feeling unwell with no reason. So we need something to spice up that day.

We talked about anything. Life, relationship, gossip (lol!), even about our work-life that already made us exhausted for a while :)

anyway  i really love D'cakes by Dewi Caffe because their taste never fail me. This place is quite small but nicely decorated.

Price: 💰💰
Taste:  👍👍👍👍
Location: Pamulang 1, Tangerang Selatan

They have soo many menu from main dish to dessert. My most fave menu: Mac n Cheese feat ice green tea..

i always feel bad everytime i wear black clothes (dunno why) but i cudn't lie with this black cable sweater from PICNIC suuuper comfortable.  But still to cheer up the look, i wore my colorful accessories

Sunglasses: H&M  ||  Earrings: Schmiley Mo  ||  Sweater: PICNIC  ||  Sandals: Adorable Project

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