March 21, 2017

Levi's The Orange Tab & The Levi's Tailor Shop

We all knew Levi's® available in red tab, but have you ever know they come in orange tab too?
Me neither! :p

Well, today i went to Levi's® store with some of my blogger friends. We just know that Levi's® Orange Tab is back on Summer 2017. This Orange Tab even born in 1969! Wow in my mom's years.
It means the design should be vintage, right?
"Born in 1969, remastered for today!"

and yep! The Orange Tab collection with it's vintage style but comes in modern touch. Made from stretch fabrics in 60's & 70's era. For men collection, a bit oversize design for tops, tees, and knitt with oversize. For Women Collection, comes in classic cropped jacket, even cropped tees. All of them with detailed design from an extra belt loop, until a pocket with patch.

I bet in every wardrobe, people have 2-3 jeans from pants, jackets or skirts.
Jeans / denim is our number 1 favorite forever and ever. Timeless!

In these days, people more excited with anything personalize project. When we talk about denim, absolutely we love to destroy our denim more cooler than ever! Adding some patches even draw cool artwork at the back of our jackets.

and Levi's® answered it all with The Levi's Tailor Shop

Since i'm a DIY person (lyke crazy!... this and that! :D hehehh) of course i love this idea from Levi's®
We can customize our denim different than anybody else.
Being different is my most favorite thing in life! Sounds too serious but it's true.

it's like common... ini belum pernah ada sebelumnya!

When you buy Levi's product jeans or jacket, you can get FREE CUSTOMIZE:
distressing, embroiderring, monogram, and patches.

The Levi's Tailor Shop
only at Pondok Indah Mall 1
20 - 26 March 2017 (until this week!)

Me, Fahad and Putra tried view pieces and decided with 2 products. My choice goes to the wider leg because ya know flare pants is so hot rite nowwww..

these jackets are uber cool!!

so you can customize your denim with these!
and here the process of my customize flare denim after taking so loooooooong design hahah

Tadaaaaaaaa... Here's my design!
Chianty's creation
Fahad's creation
Don't you love them all? Don't just stare and envy.. You better hurry and get your "personalize" denim!

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