April 03, 2017


i'm in love with colors since i was a kid. Esp neon colors, abstracts colors, and everything that ruin your eyes haha! Since then, i love to collecting colorfull collectible items lyk stationery and notes. 

Kadi a.k.a Diana Rikasari sent me an invitation thru whatsapp. The invititation is about the launching of her #88lovelife vol.3! Sooo yessss, i got another colorfull collectible item 

Attended this on March 9th, 2017
at Qubicle Center

with double D
Diana Rikasari as the author
Dinda Puspitasari as the illustrator

Love  the ambiance, food and of course the decor! i feel lyk i'm in a high school parteeeehhhh

met my long-time-no-see friend, Doncitah a.k.a Donny
He's a book author too (Dumb Ways To Survive & Days of Happiness)

Kadi gimme these earrings from her "another" clothing brand: Schmiley Mo


and we had so much fun with those ballons after having a small convo with double D before i left to another event...

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